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Commercial Janitorial Services

Knight Janitorial has humble roots as a two-man team, but today we have the support staff and specialized equipment to serve your place of business. Our cleaning services are not limited to office buildings but extend to all industries. We also have a variety of specialized services you can add on to your monthly cleaning service.

Call us today for a free quote for ongoing janitorial cleaning by our experienced commercial janitors. Our steps to get started is very easy. First, we’ll schedule a time to walk your space to identify your building’s needs. Then we’ll provide a free no obligation quote outlining our services and easy to read pricing.

Janitorial Cleaning

Our bread and butter is our recurring janitorial service. We provide a highly trained janitorial team that handles your facility’s cleaning. Each service, they will cover different items such s picking up your break room, conference rooms, to emptying wastebaskets, and vacuuming your carpet.

Each of our clients receives a dedicated and experienced account manager for their property who can handle any request and schedule additional services. We offer around the clock operations support and continuously conduct random building inspections to make sure that our quality is always to the highest standard.

floor buffing

Floor Maintenance

From hot water carpet, extraction, to tile and grout cleaning, we can care for your office or warehouse no matter the flooring material. Beyond regular cleaning, we can recommend a schedule of stripping & waxing, scrub & recoating, or hot water carpet extraction services. The recommendation will depend on your building’s flooring type to keep it fresh and prolong its life cycle.

You can read more about our tile sealing services on the tile and grout sealingstrip and waxing, or scrub and recoat page. If you have commercial or industrial grade carpet, we offer multiple types of carpet cleaning solutions to ensure a deep clean even in heavy foot traffic areas.

Deep Clean and Terminal Cleaning

Before moving out or in, your place of business or when a regular cleaning Services just won’t do, contact Knight Janitorial Services for a deep clean to restore your property. We can perform deep cleans on top of ordinary janitorial care based on your needs. Our team will make sure to limit work day disruptions.

Additional Services

In addition to regular janitorial office cleaning and routine floor maintenance, Knight Janitorial Service is your go-to team for special commercial cleaning. We have the expertise to handle any size of cleanup.

Contact us today to ask about any of the following services to your regular cleaning contract:

  • Construction Cleanup
  • Warehouse Scrubbing
  • Power Washing
  • HVAC Cleaning

Our Clients

Our customers work in all industries, and Knight Janitorial Services regularly helps maintain commercial buildings, educational facilities, financial institutions, hospitality businesses, healthcare facilities, retail shops, and religious buildings in Dallas–Fort Worth, TX.

In addition to basic office spaces, we also clean entrance and common areas, conference rooms, break and kitchen areas, restrooms, and special areas such as locker rooms, empty offices, and other spaces.