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Terminal Cleaning Services

Knight Janitorial Services’ terminal cleaning services follow all proper sanitizing protocols to ensure all surface areas and equipment are properly cleaned and sterilized to prevent cross-contamination.

Our Terminal Cleaning Services

  • Removing all detachable objects and sanitizing them
  • Cleaning light fixtures and air duct surfaces
  • Wiping down all walls with quaternary disinfectant
  • Cleaning all items on or near the floor surface, removing those items to disinfect them, then placing them back in the room

Terminal Cleaning Areas

  • Patient Rooms
  • Patient Bathrooms
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Intensive Care Unite
  • Operating rooms
Terminal Cleaning Teams

Knight Janitorial Services’ team members are carefully screened to ensure that they have the highest ethics and morals, and we are confident that they will present themselves in a highly professional manner through their work and conduct. Our company has policies and guidelines to ensure the highest level of service and safety.

Safety Training – Disinfectants and Equipment

Knight Janitorial Services trains our workers to properly handle the chemicals being used in your healthcare facility. This training enables management and our team members to better serve you and your facility. We will supply and monitor a Bloodborne Pathogen plan as prescribed by OSHA. We will also supply SDS (Safety Data Sheets) of our chemicals used in your facility for your records. Proper protocol is followed when we provide our cleaning teams with proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and utilizing EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered surface disinfectants such as quaternary cleaning chemicals.


Knight janitorial Services maintains general liability insurance, medical expense insurance, personal injury insurance, automobile liability insurance, umbrella liability insurance, and a business services bond.

Facility Security

The security of your office is our main concern. While work is being performed our workers lock themselves inside the rooms in which they are working. Workers do no unlock doors for anyone. Our supervisors recheck all doors at the end of the night to make sure that the right doors are locked.

Working Management

We, as Management of Knight Janitorial Services, certainly take great pride in our work, because of this we will continuously supervise and audit the services being provided by our workers. We have daytime area managers as well as nighttime supervisors who are responsible for working hand-in-hand with our cleaning teams on a consistent basis to continually convey to them our expectations as well as yours.


Supervisors are constantly working with the cleaning teams and checking behind them. Your office will receive a grade of cleanliness of your facility several times a month. The grade will be based on different criteria as our crews are encouraged to strive for perfection. The grading process helps to ensure we are constantly improving the quality of service we provide while maintaining a close working relationship with our cleaning teams.