Knight Janitorial is now
Give Clean

Give Clean is excited to announce that we have expanded our operations by acquiring Knight Janitorial starting January 1, 2022. We are combining the best aspects of Knight and Give Clean so that we can provide you with an even better cleaning experience. Give Clean is a dedicated commercial cleaning company with the goal of exceeding your highest expectations by bringing service and resource improvements to your business.

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Expert Tile Care

Scrubbing tile and grout in a large commercial space is extremely time-consuming, so other cleaning companies or internal janitors often ignore it. Unfortunately, what seems like a small step quickly creates an overall tired and gray-looking surface in kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring.

We can make your office look like new again with not only a brilliant clean but also a full sealant job for better future protection. Similar to a scrub and recoat service you might schedule for other flooring solutions, our tile and grout sealing is a specialized care and maintenance program for all types of tile. We’re the experts in janitorial services, so we know how to care for all the surfaces in your workplace, including the special needs of alternative flooring choices like tile.

When to Seal Your Grout

Ideally, performing grout and tile sealing on a new installation is the best way to protect the surface while it’s still in top condition to preserve its original look and feel. If you’re building or renovating an office space that includes tile and grout work in the floors, kitchens, bathrooms, or other parts of the building, contact Knight Janitorial Service. We’ll handle the post-construction cleanup that can include a tile and grout sealing job right away before daily use begins to take a toll.

From that point, our team can plan regular janitorial services and cleanings to keep the workspace in tip-top shape. We can also handle less frequent maintenance projects like waxing, polishing, and resealing various surfaces as required by the materials.

floor buffing

The Process

When you make an appointment to plan janitorial services with our team, we’ll evaluate the condition of your current tile work. For basic cleaning and preparation for a sealing project, we’ll clean the grout work with a high-powered rotary tool and scrub the surface with a floor pad to remove waxy buildup and other debris.

Next, the tile sealer will be applied and allowed to sink into the porous surface of the tile and grout to form a protective barrier against stains. You and your employees will have to stay away from the newly sealed area until the sealant is fully set and cured, possibly up to 24 hours. After that, our janitorial team can provide the basic cleanup and maintenance for daily spills and dirt that occur during business hours.

What if My Tile is Old?

If your office space isn’t new, that’s okay. You can still contact Knight Janitorial Services for resealing existing and older tiled surfaces to bring back their former brightness and protect the surfaces from stains caused by food and beverage, foot traffic, dirt, manufacturing equipment and fluids, and more. The sooner the tile and grout are sealed, the better it will hold up in the future and the easier it will be to clean and maintain going forward. Contact us today for expert tile maintenance!