Knight Janitorial is now
Give Clean

Give Clean is excited to announce that we have expanded our operations by acquiring Knight Janitorial starting January 1, 2022. We are combining the best aspects of Knight and Give Clean so that we can provide you with an even better cleaning experience. Give Clean is a dedicated commercial cleaning company with the goal of exceeding your highest expectations by bringing service and resource improvements to your business.

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A Janitorial Services Company Trusted by Dallas–Fort Worth


In 2001, Adam McKelvey and Peter Tredennick created Knight Janitorial Services, Inc. At first, Adam and Peter did all of the work by themselves—cleaning buildings, scouting for clients, organizing paperwork, and anything else that needed to be done. Seven days a week, every week, these two worked tirelessly on establishing their business.

Over the next three years, they slowly built their reputation on the backs of their quality cleaning services and excellent customer service. Businesses and landlords began coming to them. Adam and Peter were able to hire employees for their company, and even got a day or two off. However, they were also careful to ensure that every employee lived up to Knight Janitorial’s high customer service and cleaning standards.

Today, Knight Janitorial operates in 11 markets across four different states, but Adam and Peter aren’t afraid to still get their hands dirty. Their dedication to their work and team has kept them hands-on with the company, and it’s why many of our original employees—like our general manager, Berenice—are still with us today.

Power washing service

Choose a janitorial services company that cares about you

Knight Janitorial is known to provide outstanding customer service to every client. The best part is that we never lock our clients into long-term contracts. How do we avoid that? By holding ourselves to the highest cleaning standards, which our clients love, appreciate, and want to hire again.

Since 2001, we’ve earned numerous awards and recognition from public and private institutions-and we’re proud to say we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for quality cleaning services and customer satisfaction.

Ethical, environmentally friendly cleaning services

As a modern and ecologically responsible company, Knight Janitorial aims to use sustainable products proven to be safe for the environment. We take care to never user harsh chemicals in our cleaning supplies, which in turn improves your commercial building’s air quality and benefits your employees and customers.

These are just some of the products we use to keep up our sustainable cleaning services:

  • Reusable microfiber cloths to reduce waste caused by paper towel usage
  • Green Seal-certified cleaning products proven to have lower carbon footprints than competitors
  • Chemical and compound concentrates, as available, to reduce plastic waste from larger bottles with diluted solutions
  • Accurately tuned chemical-dispensing units to avoid overuse of unavoidable chemical solutions

Our Core Values